iSCSI configuration


start-stop-daemon --start --exec $DAEMON --quiet --oknodo -- -a


     IncomingUser utente password
     Lun 0 Path=/dev/VG/LV0,Type=blockio,ScsiId=CNRTO123456,ScsiSN=12345678,IOMode=wt
     MaxConnections 1
     InitialR2T Yes
     ImmediateData No
     MaxRecvDataSegmentLength 131072
     MaxXmitDataSegmentLength 131072
     MaxBurstLength 262144
     FirstBurstLength 262144
     DefaultTime2Wait 2
     DefaultTime2Retain 20
     MaxOutstandingR2T 8
     DataPDUInOrder Yes
     DataSequenceInOrder Yes
     ErrorRecoveryLevel 0
     HeaderDigest None
     DataDigest None


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