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 ====== FreeLib-Djatoka ====== ====== FreeLib-Djatoka ======
 +Mail from Kevin Clarke:
 +Hi Giancarlo,
 +In talks with Kakadu Software, the company that makes the proprietary JP2 component freelib-djatoka was using, I came to believe that I was not okay with distributing their library in an open source project. The original adore-djatoka had done it, and I just continued, but over the years the license changed and in talking with the company I realized I could no longer do what I was doing so I removed it. Sorry for any inconvenience the disappearance causes, but I want to make sure I abide by their license.
 +It might be possible to rework the project so I wasn't distributing the libraries, but any place that wanted to use it would need to have a license from Kakadu. I don't have any immediate plans to go this route.
 <WRAP prewrap center> <WRAP prewrap center>
 <code> <code>
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