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   * Configure KVM network   * Configure KVM network
 +<WRAP prewrap center>
 +# nano -w mynet-ovs.xml
 +<WRAP prewrap center>
 +<code xml>
 +  <name>ovs-network</name>
 +  <forward mode='bridge'/>
 +  <bridge name='br0'/>
 +  <virtualport type='openvswitch'/>
 +  <portgroup name='vmport0' default='yes'>
 +  </portgroup>
 +  <portgroup name='vmport2'>
 +    <vlan trunk='yes'>
 +      <tag id='0'/>
 +      <tag id='2'/>
 +      <tag id='3'/>
 +    </vlan>
 +  </portgroup>
   * VM network example   * VM network example
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