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Line 14: Line 14:
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
   * Configure server   * Configure server
-Browse to admin/config/search/search-api and click add server+Browse to admin/config/search/search-api and click Add server
 <WRAP prewrap center> <WRAP prewrap center>
 <code> <code>
-Server name solr_byterfly+Server name solr_server_name
 Enabled YES Enabled YES
Line 34: Line 34:
 </code> </code>
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
- +  * Configure index 
 +Browse to admin/config/search/search-api and click Add index 
 +<WRAP prewrap center> 
 +Index name solr_index_name 
 +Data sources 
 + Content YES 
 +Server solr_server_name 
 +Enabled YES 
 +Description Basic Content 
 +  * Check server conf 
 +Browse to admin/config/search/search-api/server/solr_server_name 
 +<WRAP prewrap center> 
 +Status enabled (disable) 
 +Backend class Solr 
 +Search indexes solr_index_name 
 +Solr connector plugin Standard 
 +Solr server URI http://solrVM.domain.com:8983/solr/ 
 +Solr core URI http://solrVM.domain.com:8983/solr/#/archipelago 
 +Server Connection The Solr server could be reached. 
 +Core Connection The Solr core could be accessed (latency: 7.0372091064453 ms). 
 +Configured Solr Version 7.6.0 
 +Detected Solr Version 7.6.0 
 +Indexed 0 items (69 bytes on disk) 
 +Delay 10 sec before updates are processed. 
 +Schema drupal-6.0-solr-7.x 
 +Solr Core Name archipelago 
 +Targeted content domain generic 
 +  * Check index conf 
 +Browse to admin/config/search/search-api/index/solr_index_name 
 +<WRAP prewrap center> 
 +Status enabled (disable) 
 +Datasource Content (0/0 indexed) 
 +Tracker Default 
 +Server solr_server_name 
 +Server index status There are 0 items indexed on the server for this index. (More information) 
 +Cron batch size During cron runs, 50 items will be indexed per batch. 
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