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Cantaloupe standalone server (Ubuntu 18.04, Cantaloupe 4.0.3) over KVM

* Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS (from ISO)
* 20GB virtualdisk mounted as / (root)
* 1TB virtualdisk mounted as /srv
* 2.5TB iScsi mounted as /mnt/data
* Set IPv4 (2 interfaces) and IPv6
* Java 8
apt install openjdk-8-jdk
  • download
sudo mv cantaloupe-4.0.3 /opt/

sudo useradd -d /srv/home -s /bin/false cantaloupe
sudo mkdir /srv/cache /srv/log /srv/home /srv/tmp

sudo chown -R cantaloupe:cantaloupe /opt/cantaloupe-4.0.3 /srv/cache /srv/log /srv/home /srv/tmp
  • Kakadu Native libraries (Optional)
Check Java Library Path with:
java -XshowSettings:properties

sudo cp /opt/cantaloupe-4.0.3/deps/Linux-x86-64/lib/libkdu_* /usr/lib/
  • settings
cd /opt/cantaloupe-4.0.3
sudo cp
sudo nano -w
  • Start as service
nano -w /etc/systemd/system/cantaloupe.service
Description=Cantaloupe Image Server

ExecStart=/usr/bin/java -Dcantaloupe.config=/opt/cantaloupe-4.0.3/ -Xmx12g -jar /opt/cantaloupe-4.0.3/cantaloupe-4.0.3.war
ExecStop=/usr/bin/killall -9 cantaloupe-4.0.3.war

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable cantaloupe.service

service cantaloupe start
  • enable delegates script
sudo nano -w
delegate_script.enabled = true
source.delegate = true
FilesystemSource.BasicLookupStrategy.path_prefix = /mnt/
sudo nano -w delegates.rb
  def source(options = {})
       identifier = context['identifier']
       if identifier.include? "http"

The identifier for local file in /mnt/data (i.e. test.png) must be data%2Ftest.png

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